Hooked Nose, keen eyed, and dark looking under the eyes.


Druid 4 HP: 24 Atr: Str: 18 Dex: 11 Con: 11 Wis: 15 Int: 10 F: +7 R: +3 W: +5 Greataxe: +8,, 1d12+4 AC: 14 Some Spells -Bear, Black (Sibius) 19hp AC: 15 +1 Initiative F: +5, R: +4. W: +2 Baseattack/grapple: +2, +6 Attack: Claw +6, 1d4+4 Full Attack: 2 Claws, 1 bite +1 (1d6+2)


He appeared mysteriously in Nistil with his bear from the north. He went east into Seria, and found a small job in the Emerald Knights in his early twenties, as he was a Druid and welcome. He gained the trust of Thrand, and slowly hollowed them out from the inside.

He was foiled by the PC’s when Bevnard called him out and died. Thrand was taken up to his throne again and was reawoken from his slumber.


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