Princes of Psayn

The Story So Far
Summarizing the Last Three Sessions...

It started with a flashback. A strong, sturdy farmer kneeled in a red-clay, narrow, and short tunnel, tied up and gagged. He is faced by a silhouetted man and his two Kobold Cronies. They talk, and then, from inside his robes, a baby is taken. The silhouetted man holds it. The kneeling man gapes for a few, then says, “Spare him, I’ll tell you what you want…”

On the road, the PC’s, Vaughan Gore (Fighter who worships Kord), Kurak (An aged sorcerer who is on a quest for Boccobs Hourglass and has son-issues), Draven Bailey (A Swashbuckling rogue who is in it for the glory and money), and the Pelorian Priest Colfax (In it for dollars). With them is an elderly man named Bevnard (Bevio), and the Princess Penia Len Llanos. They are actually taking her, with her ignorant, to Nistil to be married off so as to create peace between Prince Pieter and Nistil.

They are attacked by bandits led by a former Captain Fendis. Dispatching them, Kurak recognized Fendis as a former Llanos Guard.

That night they are attacked again, this time by whoever it was that Bevnard was. He is now “The Jackal” who rides away with the Princess.

They reach Groville fairly easy as the next place on their list. They find the Pelorian Father there, who’s name is Benevio. He asks for their help in finding Tessenar’s sword, which was stolen from a caravan heading south to Groville by kobolds. They kobolds reside north of the town, and they would like very much if the PC’s could return it. On their way out, they hear screams and save a boy, Stephanopolous, who is being harassed by thugs who look like the bandits that attacked them on their way to Groville.

After being saved, Stephen tells them that they were trying to perform extortion on his father. The “boss” was up north. He offers to show them the way.

They head north under Stephen’s guidance, and find the entrance to the “Emerald Knights” abode. Bevnard is there, the real one this time, dressed in the ceremonial black robes of the Dreadnaughts. He greets them, saying that he is so sorry he could not stay. He was kidnapped a night a few weeks before, and was replaced by the Jackal.

Also there was the “King Thrand” who was really an inanimate, elderly looking man sitting on the throne. Next to him was Sivnard, the dastardly druid who has commandeered control. He is angry when he sees Stephanopoulos. To make a long story short, they are told they can relieve his father’s debt if he can bring the hide of the Kobold Barbarian Salkanul.

They head out with three objectives: To rescue the Princess from the Kobolds, to kill Salkanul, and to retrieve Tessenar’s sword.

All three are in the same building, and they do it all quite smartly and precisely. When they head back, Sivbud attempts to rationalize his motives, saying it is financially necessary to enforce debts.

When they enter, a battle begins between Bevnard and Sivbud, and the PC’s side with Bevnard, although Vaughan has some second thoughts…

Victorious, they leave with Bevvo, who has no reason to stay now that Thrand is in his right mind, and he offers his service as a fighter. They then go back to town, where they make some money from the Pelorian Church.

Also, Bevnard and Kurak make a strange encounter with a fellow, quite abnormal, who is sitting at the tavern they were staying at. He is sitting in a barstool being harassed by middle-aged thug. Kurak manages to dissuade him from further harrassment, and engages the strange fellow, who speaks through the raven to Kurak…

Flashback to Zerio, who is attempting to free himself from Prison and a death penalty. He escapes. However, Bevnard, Kurak, a Navy Captain named Scalandel, and Thrand all have conversations with him while he is in prison. He is eventually freed. Zerio is the father of this strange fellow, who introduces himself as…

Nez’Kamen Sioux, referred to by the party as “Soo-ee” is from the North, escaping his Tribes rather mysterious disappearance and wandering for clues. He ends up agreeing to stay with the party.

The party ends up finding a small circus rolling through town, that agrees to let them travel with them, in return they must perform while they are with them as well as help defend should bandits arrive. The Ring Leader is Scalandel, recognized by Kurak. The other two act-heads are known as Shtallia Trot and Sallian Trais, both very interesting and unique individuals.

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