Troff Dynasty

Seria, after the Merchant age, had five princes. These four were Gerum, Seth, Fathum, Slen, and the young Sabian, all the famiy known as the Troff Dynasty. The actual power was seized during the merchant age by Gerum, only two years before The War of 999, which cut off the trade to Llanos, and almost crippled the economy. King Gerum, however, moved for agricultural reform in the smaller merchants, and they moved out of Llanos en masse. Noir and Blick stayed around, however.

Gerum ruled for forty years, rising a small militia with the money and otherwise playing the part of the highest sheriff in town. His decisive and willing-to-change attitude made the country’s turn around much easier. His first and only child, Seth, ascended the throne of Princedom as Gerum went to his death bed, where he would remain for two years before perishing. 1041 marks Seth’s first year of rule. He ruled well, his first two years guided by the hand of his experienced father, and kept the country on a straight line. In 1110, after a long life, Seth died. He left his crown to his eldest son Fathum who was at that point already fifty.

His rule had some stern-handedness, but nothing big. There was a war then, between them and the small dukedom north called Eurus and Seria won. Fathum allowed them to keep their land, and, due to this mercy, the two had a flowering relationship; Seria gave Crops while Eurus gave their unique culture and language, as well as other valuable commodities including skins, dyes, and salt.

Fathum died in 1160 also an old man, and his youngest brother, Slen, took the throne. Particularly young and born a son to the court-member Yeria Noir who, Seth explained before hid death, had the child with her at the age of 60. This was a seriously big deal, clearly. He was 20 when his brother took the thrown, and was 50 now. Treated inconsiderately by the Eureans Slen had quite a lot of dislike for them.

He thus ruled cutting off all the connections with their northern brothers, and they naturally got angry. He focused instead internally, and allowed his country to grow rurally and the townships flourished. He died happily at the age of 102 1212. His son took the thrown, his infant son, who was in fact adopted from the Blick family. Sabian. Sabian ruled for 9 years, from age ten to nine. He was supposedly slain brutally by Pieter, who now rules.

Troff Dynasty

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